Brick Oven Cafe - Pila Laguna


A decent meal costs from 300 per head

Jacquelyn Tandang
Jacquelyn Tandang
Apr 05, 2023

Famous for their Tampipizza, cooked in an oven made of bricks and then served in a container handcrafted from palm leaves called tampipi.

Brick Oven Cafe - tampipi pizza

Bricks retain high temperatures. Because of this, it takes only approximately 2-3 minutes for the pizza to cook.

This place serves the best pizza! They can serve 30-inch pizza for large groups.

This restaurant is also known for its alfresco rustic Filipino ambiance with a piece of nature and great food.

Brick Oven Cafe - Alfresco rustic Filipino ambiance

While waiting for your food to be served, you can visit their wishing well filled with koi fish.

Brick Oven Cafe - rustic ambience Brick Oven Cafe - wishing well

Enjoy fish feeding with your kids in the fish pond.

Brick Oven Cafe - fish pond fish feeding

Or play the piano.

Brick Oven Cafe - kid playing piano

They serve kropek (fried prawn-flavored crackers) with vinegar dip for appetizers.

Brick Oven Cafe - wishing well

Aside from their pizza, we tried out their kesong-puti and chocolate shake.

Brick Oven Cafe - more tampipi pizza Brick Oven Cafe - chocolate and kesong puti shake

We also had their Kani salad and chicken wings.

Brick Oven Cafe - kani salad Brick Oven Cafe - chicken wings

We tried soy garlic and blue cheese. You can choose from a variety of flavors for your chicken wings. Click here to see their menu.

Brick Oven Cafe - take out Brick Oven Cafe - brick oven cafe menu

Everything is delish! The serving size is big, we had to take out our leftovers. We will definitely go back again.

Address: Purok 2 Brgy. Labuin, Pila, Laguna 4014

Contact number: +63945 318 9285

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