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A decent meal starts 300 per head

Jacquelyn Tandang
Jacquelyn Tandang
Apr 05, 2023

Wings in Weave

1 Dozen (up to 2 flavors) - 549 Php
Half Dozen (1 flavor) - 329 Php
Tampipi upgrade - 75 Php


Korean (bestseller)

Deep fried chicken coated with red sauce, black and white sesame seeds, cucumber garnish with garlic aoili dip

Honey Garlic (bestseller)

Deep fried chicken coated with honey, sesame seeds, fried garlic, cucumber garnish with garlic aoili dip

Salted Egg (bestseller)

Deep fried chicken coated with buttery-taste of salted egg yolk sauce

Blue Cheese

Deep fried chicken coated with blue cheese, lemon and parsley

Mango Habanero

Deep fried chicken coated in a sweet, spicy and tangy sauce


Deep fried unbreaded chicken wings coated with a vinegar and cayenne pepper hot sauce mixed with butter


Deep fried chicken coated in a spice rub or barbeque sauce

Garlic Parmeasan

Deep fried chicken coated in a sauce made from butter, heavy cream, garlic and parmeasan


A japanese dish of grilled chicken brushed with a mizture of soy sauce, mirin and sake

Cheesy Bacon

Deep fried chicken coated with cheese sauce, bacon bits, spring onion

Brick Oven Cafe - chicken wings


Caprese Salad - 399 Php

An Itaian salad made of sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and sweet basil seasoned with salt and olive oil.

Sesame Crusted Tuna - 399 Php

A light, fresh, and colorful with hints of sweet and savory flavors from an Asian-style dressing

Ceasar Salad - 335 Php

Classic ceasar salad with lettuce, croutons, parmeasan cheese, bacon-bits, boiled egg, tomatoes and homemade ceasar dressing

Kani Salad - 380 Php

A Japanese seafood salad loaded with lettuce, cucumber, carrots, crabstick, mango, sesame seeds and Japanese mayo

Brick Oven Cafe - kani salad


Angus Beef Burger - 429 Php

Angus beef patty and buns served with lettuce, tomatoes and swiss cheese with fries on the side


TBC Platter - 380 Php

1 pc hashbrown, garlic rice, lucban longganisa, bacon, egg and tomatoes and caprese salad

Corned Beef Hash - 248 Php

Country side potato, egg and garlic fried rice

Blueberry Stuffed French Toast - 248 Php

Butter milk bread and blueberry cream cheese filling served with maple syrup

Chicken and Waffle - 285 Php

Homemade juicy fried chicken and fluffy waffles with maple syrup or honey

TBC Omellette - 248 Php

Fluffy egg omellete served with toasted bread slices annd ham and cheese for the filling

Butter and Honey - 180 Php

2pcs pancake with butter and honey on the side

Strawberries and cream - 285 Php

4pcs pancakes with strawberries and cream on the side

Longsilog - 269 Php

Lucban longganisa with garlic fried rice, fried egg and salad on the side

Bagnetsilog - 305 Php

Deep-fried crunchy pork belly, garlic rice, egg, side salad with home made liver sauce and toyo-mansi

Brick oven baked Baconsilog - 269 Php

Brick oven baked bacon, garlic rice, egg, side salad, with home made cheese sauce dip

House Specialties

Bulalo (4-5 pax) - 679 Php

Beef Shank, served with calamansi and Laguna's special patis labo

Sinigang na Salmon (4-5 pax) - 550 Php

Salmon belly cooked in a sour broth of tomatoes and tamarind

Sinigang na baboy (4-5 pax) - 550 Php

Pork belly served with calamansi and fish sauce

Sinigang na hipon (4-5 pax) - 580 Php

Shrimps served with calamansi and fish sauce

Crispy Pork and Veggie Kare-Kare (2-3 pax) - 620 Php

Deep fried pork belly served with bagoong

Seafood and Veggie Kare-Kare (2-3 pax) - 720 Php

Mixed seafood like crab, shrimps, squid slice, mussels served with alamang

Pork Binagoongan (2-3 pax) - 549 Php

Deep fried pork belly with roasted eggplant and bagoong on top

Bagnet Platter (2-3 pax) - 599 Php

Deep fried belly, salad,kropek with liver sauce, toyo-mansi dip, vinegar and atchara

Crispy Pata (2-3 pax) - 720 Php

Deep fried pata, kropek with liver sauce, toyo-mansi dip, vinegar and atchara

Seafood in Cajun Sauce - Whole 1695 / Half 895 Php

Mixed seafood, sausage, corn, potato, lemon, parsely and chili flakes

Chicken TampiBucket - 399 Php

5pcs original herbed chicken in a TampiBucket with gravy and coleslaw

Bulalo Steak

Whole (4-6 pax) 1345 Php
Half (2-3 pax) 679 Php

Inihaw na Tilapia - 260 Php

Fresh Tilapia roasted in coir served with tomato and onions with toyo-mansi dip

Fish N' Chips - 239 Php

Beer butter, creamy dory, fries, sweet potato fries, crispy kangkong and lemon mayo dip

Sweet and Sour Fish - 289 Php

Bite-sized fish fried and tossed in a sweet, tangy, and sticky sauce with colorful bell peppers

Brick Oven Cafe - chocolate and kesong puti shake


Cucumber Lemon Shake - 120 Php
Calamansi Juice - 115 Php
Calamansi Pitcher - 239 Php
Mango Juice - 129 Php
Cucumber Lemonade Solo - 115 Php
Cucumber Lemonade Pitcher - 265 Php
Pink Lemonade - 115 Php
Red Lemonade - 115 Php
Watermelon Shake - 179 Php
Melon Shake - 169 Php
Iced Tea Pitcher - 135 Php
Iced Tea Solo - 69 Php
Softdrinks Solo - 699 Php
Softdrinks 1.5 liters - 699 Php
(Coke regular, Coke Zero, Mountain Dew, Pepsi)

Brick Oven Cafe - take out


Cheesy Spinach Striploin - 1659 Php

Pan seared with fresh rosemary, salt, and black pepper to taste with cheesy spinach sauce

T-Bone Steak - 459 Php

Pan seared with rosemary, black pepper, salt and herb butter on top with rice, roasted potato and vegetables on the side.

Ribeye Steak - 489 Php

Grilled with fresh rosemary, cloves of garlic, salt and ground black pepper to taste

Brick Oven Cafe - brick oven cafe menu

Lechon de Pugon

Brickoven Cochinillo (5-5.5kg) - 7500 Php

Cochinillo stuff additional:
Paella - 989 Php
Paella Negra - 1089 Php
Tamipi upgrade - 300 Php

Brickoven Lechon Belly - 800 Php (per kilo)

Minimum of 2 kg

Brickoven Lechon Whole Head - 400 Php (per kilo)

Minimum of 5-6 kilos

Address: Purok 2 Brgy. Labuin, Pila, Laguna 4014

Contact number: +63945 318 9285

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