Spacio Caliraya


Overnight stay starts from 2,800 PHP for 2 pax with set breakfast

Jacquelyn Tandang
Jacquelyn Tandang
Mar 11, 2023

If you find yourself in Caliraya or Lumban Laguna, highly suggest you drop by at Spacio Caliraya.

Spacio Caliraya - cafe and swing Spacio Caliraya - restaurant

It’s like going to Starbucks in Tagaytay to get coffee with great views but Lumban Laguna version. They serve coffee and tea and pastries with beautiful views of the surroundings.

Spacio Caliraya - alfresco dining like tagaytay Spacio Caliraya - bonfire and landscapes

We ordered an iced white mocha and pistacio sansrival. They serve food and drinks that are not too sweet. I prefer mine sweet. If you prefer the same, suggest to order hot drinks instead of iced. When the ice melts, you'll want more sugar or syrup.

Spacio Caliraya - iced coffee Spacio Caliraya - pistacio sansrival

Suggest bringing your family or friends for an intimate bonding over drinks. Take family pictures with beautiful landscapes.

Spacio Caliraya - Take pictures with beautiful landscape Spacio Caliraya - intimate alfresco dining

Here is a menu of their cafe named Bottle and Brew

Spacio Caliraya - bottle and brew menu

While you wait for your drinks to be served, stroll around with relaxing views of nature.

Spacio Caliraya - to the rooms Spacio Caliraya - surroundings

There’s a swimming pool with cold water great during summer and swings for kids.

Spacio Caliraya - more landscape Spacio Caliraya - swimming pool

They have overnight accommodation at affordable rates.

Spacio Caliraya - rooms Spacio Caliraya - more rooms

You can stay for as low as 2,800 with breakfast for two persons!

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Spacio Caliraya - amenities

Order a hot choco, coffee or tea and sit around a bonfire.

Spacio Caliraya - amenities Spacio Caliraya - bonfire

Dine in their restaurant with a rustic feel.

Spacio Caliraya - rustic ambience Spacio Caliraya - rustic

Here is a menu their restaurant named Smokin' Danny's.

Spacio Caliraya - dannys restaurant menu

They have a spacious covered hall with views

Spacio Caliraya - entrance

Great venue for weddings and other intimate gatherings.

Spacio Caliraya - entrance Spacio Caliraya - signage outside

Address: Green Farm Village, Lake, Caliraya, Laguna 4014

Contact number: +639760368460

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