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Price starts from 400 per box

Jacquelyn Tandang
Jacquelyn Tandang
Aug 13, 2023

Special puto with a texture of a sponge cake! An innovation to the legendary Filipino steamed rice cake!

Eggsy - menu

It comes in 4 variants - Salted egg, mahu, all cheese and ube streusel. Want to try all 4 variants? You can get the 4-in-1 mixed variant for 482 pesos.

Eggsy - 4 variants

Our most favorite is the salted egg variant then the mahu puto which has pork floss toppings and cheese.

Tara! They have a small branch in Calamba Laguna near NU Campus.

Eggsy - counter Eggsy - dining area

They dont have a parking space, so we ordered for take out only.

Eggsy - takeout Eggsy - dinuguan

Make sure to get some dinuguan as well. As always, puto is best paired with dinuguan!

Eggsy - ube creme anglaise tart Eggsy - egg tart

I love egg tarts and I love Max’s ube decadence so I had to try their ube and egg tarts. Their tarts are surprisingly not too sweet unlike most egg tarts I’ve had.

Eggsy - chicken galantina

We also tried their chicken galantina which is a cheesy meatloaf that tastes like cheesy ham but with a dry texture. I like that the taste is interesting like Christmas ham that is already infused with pineapple sauce with bits of cheese that looks like a meatloaf. I would love to order this again if it can be made moist and juicy.

We will definitely come back to order a 2-in-1 variant (salted egg and mahu) with dinuguan as a potluck for gatherings or as a pasalubong and a box of egg tart for myself 🙂

Address: Near NU Campus, Maharlika highway, Calamba, Laguna 4030

Contact number: +639771229106

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