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A coffee and a pasta costs approximately 300 pesos

Jacquelyn Tandang
Jacquelyn Tandang
Jan 13, 2024

There’s more to Drip Kofi aside from their famous Ca Phe float - Vietnamese coffee topped with ice cream and a sugar cone.

Ca Phe float Kesong puti fusilli

As someone who loves pasta, olives, cherry tomatoes and kesong puti (Filipino white cheese made from carabao’s milk), I had to try their unique kesong puti fusilli and I was thankful I did!

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As a fan of dulce de leche latte and the likes, I had a spanish latte to go with my fusili and on my next visit, I had a very interesting egg coffee paired with their puttanesca, another pasta with tomatoes, olives and basil and lots of parmeasan cheese. Can’t get enough of pasta, olives and tomatoes. And who doesn’t love basil?

Egg coffee Puttanesca

Egg coffee is good for lactose intolerants. Dairy milk is replaced with egg. The egg yolks are pasteurized in hot condensed milk then added to the coffee. It was invented during the French war when there was a shortage of dairy products. The taste is similar to their spanish latte but creamier and frother.

Indoor Entrance

Their ambience is cozy and inviting. There’s an option to dine alfresco as well.

Indoor corner alfresco

Will surely come back to try out something else from their menu below.

Menu 1 Menu 2

Address: Ruby street, Umali subdivision, Los Baños, Laguna 4030

Contact number: 09179622738

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