Rizal Re-creation Center, Laguna


Day tour costs 625 PHP per head with buffet lunch

Jacquelyn Tandang
Jacquelyn Tandang
May 30, 2021

Bring your kids to Rizal Re-creation Center to give them that much needed breath of fresh air and some physical activities.

Tree house in rizal recreation center laguna

With a capacity of 400 pax, Rizal re-creation center, a Christian youth sports center, formerly known as 'World of life', accepts only up to 25% capacity equivalent to 100 pax daily. If that still sounds crowded for you, take a look at the below map of their 7 hectare property.

Map of rizal recreation center laguna

Watch a virtual day tour to Rizal re-creation center

Flex your muscles and have some fun! There's trampoline, zip line, obstacle courses, hanging bridges, life size chess boards, tree house and so much more! Just going around the area is already a work out.

Wall climbing in rizal recreation center laguna

Take a dip in their two spring fed swimming pools with a 70-foot long water slide!

rizal recreation center laguna - Spring fed swimming pool with giant slide

Bring a ball for some pool basketball in the kiddie pool.

rizal recreation center laguna - Spring fed kids swimming pool with basketball ring

Rule of thumb is that only one group of guests should use a station at a time to maintain social distance. Masks may be removed in the stations but have to be kept on in public places such as in the mess hall before eating and in the parking area.

rizal recreation center laguna - Giant chess board

Their day tour package costs 625 per head which includes entrance fee and an eat all-you-can buffet lunch. Check-in is 8:00 am and check-out is 4:00 pm. Cottages are pre-assigned to each group of day tour guests to help maintain social distancing.

rizal recreation center laguna - Cottages

Buffet lunch strictly starts at 12:00nn in their al-fresco mess hall. Each group has a pre-assigned table, with water, condiments and dessert to help maintain social distancing. Buffet lunch is contactless. Simply point which food you would like to have then wait for your plate to be served.

rizal recreation center laguna - Pre-assigned lunch table

There's a snack bar available for snacks and refreshments too. If physical activity is not for you. Just strolling around the area is enjoyable too!

Fish pond

Accommodations are available for those who would like to stay overnight. Full board meals already included. Only one group per house is accommodated to help maintain social distance. You may reach out to their Facebook page for more details.

Address: Arban street, Rizal, Laguna 4003

Contact number: +63285206065

Store hours: 8:00 am until 4:30 pm

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