Panda Express - Festival Supermall Alabang


Price starts at 299 PHP. Includes two half serving of sidedishes and an entree

Jacquelyn Tandang
Jacquelyn Tandang
Nov 04, 2023

Panda Express recently opened their 26th branch in Festival Supermall Alabang.

Panda Express grand opening Panda Express counter

We always wanted to try Panda Express but our nearest branch on SLEX Southbound is either full or has no parking available.

Watch our virtual tour to Panda Express in Festival Supermall Alabang.

Panda Express is comparable to the local carinderia or ‘karinderya’ in Singapore where asian dishes in a wok are displayed on a counter, and a dish costs more or less 3 SGD.

Panda Express sides Panda Express entrees

The cheapest meal is a 299 bowl of an entree and a side dish. There are four options for your side dish. White rice, fried rice, chow mein or mixed vegetables.

Panda Express how to order Panda Express list of entrees

You can also have two sides, half serving each. I chose fried rice and mixed vegetables while my kids chose fried rice and chow mein.

Panda Express bowls Panda Express side mongolian pork and mixed vegetables

For our mains or entree, I ordered mongolian pork, their famous orange chicken and a savory shrimp.

We ordered an additional egg drop soup. It tastes like the famous Chinese bird's nest soup without the bird’s nest.

Panda Express sides and drinks menu

There is an additional 50 pesos charge for Savory shrimp since it is a premium entree. Their Beijing beef and black pepper steak will cost 349 pesos as well (299 plus 50) for a bowl.

Panda Express bill

Their serving size is really big and filling. I cannot consume the 299 bowl alone, I will have to share it with one of my kids.

A fortune cookie is provided for every order.

Panda Express fortune cookie Panda Express fortune

The 299 meal does not include drinks yet. You can ask for a service water or order for additional drinks.

Panda Express is a good option for health conscious individuals who want a filling meal. The calorie count per serving for each side and entree is provided. Mongolian pork is 263 calories per serving and their orange chicken is 490 calories per serving. An egg drop soup is only 87 calories per serving.

Panda Express ambience Panda Express couch

But for the taste and price of 299 plus drinks, there are other options available in Festival Supermall, which includes but not limited to S&R, Kenny Rogers, Mang Inasal, Goldilocks, Sbarro, and Subway.

Address: Ground floor, Festival Supermall, Alabang, Metro Manila 4024

Contact number:

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